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In most of the companies, coordination between the market demands and production rate are common problem. This happens due to lack of communication and giving incomplete information to the production team. Knowing this problem, we have taken several measures and steps to ensure that such mishaps do not take place in our premise. In our premise, every expert is free to talk and discuss issue of his/her department with personnel of other unit to have better productivity and ease in meeting market demands.

We believe that hiring top management expert is not important, what matters is a team which has skills of every business aspect including time management, brainstorming, decision making, product inspection and many more. When it comes to taking company along with the clients, we conduct several tests and adopt approaches that help in withstanding upto customers expectations.

Knowing the fact that with support of brilliant team, there comes several responsibilities, logistic is one such job. For this, we have maintained a smart logistic team, which works towards ensuring that clients get their products at the specified place, on-time. We are not restricted to work hours, rather we work 24X7 to promptly deliver orders of customers at their premise.

Our work principle of QQC- Quality, Quantity and Commitment is one of the crucial factors behind our consistent success in the road safety products market like Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine, Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint, Road Studs, etc. We deliver the promised quality and quantity to the clients and do all the things that we commit before fixing the deals.

About Our Exclusive Product Thermoplastic Road Marking Material/ Paint/ Compound

TRMM which stands for Thermoplastic Road Marking Material / Road Marking Paint / Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint, etc is one of the unique compounds of the world, used for marking on the roads. Based on Aliphatic chemistry, this synthetic resin based material is praised across the globe for having excellent visibility, color stability and weather resistance. Some other attributes of this material are:

  • Consists of 100% solids
  • Does not emit any solvent and is eco-friendly
  • Cost effective as compare to other paint markings
  • Offers better durability, visibility and reflectivity
  • Provides less traffic disruption during its application

Advantages of TRMM Over Conventional Paints


Thermoplastic Road Marking Material / Paint

Conventional Paints


Prepared from mixture of intermix & glass beads, hence offers excellent reflection and visibility during night time

Poor visibility, gets worst in the wet conditions

Environment Friendliness

Is in dry 100% solid form, dries quickly after application and do not release any material which pollutes the nature

Contains solvent, hence are environmentally friendly

Resistance to Skid

Creates lines that are less slippery and safer for vehicles

Smooth in touch and in wet conditions, It provides reduce traction with vehicles and make them slip


Initial cost is higher than conventional paints but with its durability, it becomes cost-effective

It disappears from the roads in short time as compare to TRMM, hence are more expensive

Drying Time

Dries quickly after application and with it, reduces traffic disruption

Requires long time for drying, destruct the traffic


Offers better control over thickness of coating due to being machine based

Do not offer any control over thickness of coating

Method of Application

To have the right results of the Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine, Road StudsThermoplastic Road Marking Paint, etc., these should be used after pre-heating on the heater and then transferring in the application machine. Before applying the material on the road, surface must be cleaned and ensured free from moisture, dust particles, oil spillage, cracks/ unfilled spaces, bleeding of bitumen, etc. Available material, is perfect to be used on the Roads made up of concrete as well as bituminous. To have good results, one must use prime before applying this material on the surface.